Strategic Aviation has developed an unmatched suite of protective capabilities adapted to commercial aviation and hostile environments. We recognize that the Areas of Responsibility (AORs) most of our clients operate in are often dynamic, high-interest regions, making protection of our passengers a paramount concern. We operate fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, capable of being equipped with Night Vision Systems, Countermeasure Systems, Ballistic Floor Armor, Medical Evacuation and Advance Tracking Systems. This enables Strategic to deliver end-to-end secure air transportation in dynamic hostile regions.

In ground movements throughout hostile environments, our clients are protected by dedicated Private Security Details (PSD). The PSD’s travel in ballistic armored vehicles with highly-trained armed guards, providing protection throughout passenger transport. Collectively, we have closed the time of exposure and enhanced protective systems to our passengers with our specialized aircraft. This technique has been highly effective in the most hostile locations, and will continue to provide the highest level of protection to our clients.